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Golden Dragon Discus Fish for Sale 2 inch
Golden Dragon Discus Fish for Sale 2 inch.

The size of the these will be between 1.5 and 2.25 inches with most being right around 2 inches. Juvenile Golden Dragons are a yellow-orange (deep gold) on most of the body with some having patterning. As they mature, they turn to a deeper gold. Golden Dragons are derived from the Pigeon Blood strain. The picture is of an adult. Juvenile coloration and pattern will vary. Sexing mature Discus is difficult and sexing juvenile Discus extremely difficult. We are always willing to try and sex our fish for a customer, but we do not guarantee it. All Discus are unique and the coloration/pattern of each can vary. The Discus you are purchasing is a juvenile. Discus will not show their full pattern and final coloration as in the picture until fully mature at around 5-6 inches.

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Discus Fish for Sale at a Price No One Can Beat

Golden Dragon Discus Fish for Sale 2 inch

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