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Shipping charges are different for most orders and are based mainly on weight. Shipping charges will go up slightly with every fish you add. Most of the cost is in the first fish. You do not need to enter any financial information to get the shipping charges.

Getting the cost of shipping is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1 Log In.

2 Select the fish you want and put them in your Shopping Cart.

3 Click on Checkout.


Almost all orders will process and ship within 5 business days of your order. Most orders ship within 2 days. If you need it delivered on a certain day, please put that in the comments and we will try to accommodate you, but we do not guarantee delivery on any particular day. We can hold orders for up to two weeks, but cannot hold them longer that two weeks.

We can ship even in the extreme cold using double thick Styrofoam insulated boxes and heat packs. If the weather in your area poses a threat to the fish being shipped, we will delay the shipment and contact you by e-mail and by posting to your account order history. We look up the weather for every order on the day it is to ship and make any needed adjustments in our packing to compensate for the weather in your location and in the weather of the UPS Shipping Hub of Louisville Kentucky. Your order might be delayed if the fish being purchased are not in top condition and need time to recuperate. We will send the tracking number for your shipment on the evening prior to delivery

All fish are shipped via UPS Next Day Air (most deliveries next day before 3pm) and Next Day Air Saver (delivered at any time during the next day including early evening). We are very proud of our packaging and shipment procedures. We are confident that we package the fish for shipment better than any other internet supplier. When you receive your order, you will understand our confidence in our packaging. All fish are shipped with pure R/O filtered water which is then treated with a mild antibiotic and a mild sedative. We ship using pure oxygen. Due to our superior packaging and shipping, we have a very high alive arrival rate (about 97% for Next Day Deliveries). There is a 8.00 low order fee for orders under 19.99. We do not mark our fish up to cover the cost of shipping and we do not offer free shipping. If you have a request as to which date you would like for delivery, please put that date in the comment box of the order pages. We make every effort to accommodated customers on the shipping delivery date, but please be aware we do not guarantee delivery on the date requested.

Cancellations, changes and additions to existing order: All orders are final and there is 20% restocking/cancellation fee on the entire charge for the order, including shipping fees, for any order cancelled after an order is placed. Any request to have an order cancelled or changed must be made by e-mail to [email protected] and must be made at least one full day prior to shipping. No order can be cancelled or changed on the day it is being packed to ship. We do try to accommodate customers who want to make a change or addition to an existing order, but we will only make a change or addition to an order once. Please do not ask us to change or add to an order more than once. Orders that contain Special Order fish and/or Plants cannot be cancelled or delayed under any circumstances.

Returns:LIVE FISH (ANIMALS) CANNOT BE RETURNED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Shipping Live fish would require specialized supplies which would include sedatives, antibiotics, pure oxygen, fish shipping bags, insulated coolers, heat or cold packs, as well as expertise and experience in shipping fish to properly pack all of the above. FOR THESE REASONS AND OTHERS NOT DETAILED, WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON ANY LIVE FISH (ANIMALS) UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Saturday Delivery: UPS charges 20.00 for Saturday delivery in addition to the charges for Next Day Air. If you request Saturday delivery on a UPS delivery that amount will be added to your order, in addition to the UPS Next Day Air shipping charges, before processing your payment. In order to ship for Saturday Delivery, the order must be received on Friday by noon, EST. Saturday delivery is only available for locations in or directly around a major metropolitan area. Saturday delivery is not available to more remote or rural locations.

Location: We are located in Tampa Florida, USA.  We are not a retail store and only sell via the internet. We only ship to the United States and do not ship internationally.

Pick Ups and Visits to Our Facility: No Pick Ups are permitted. No facility tours or visitors to our facility are permitted. Please do not contact us to ask for a pick up as the answer is always no and there are no exceptions. We will not answer any e-mail if your question is about a pick up or a visit, even if you are asking other questions in the same e-mail. We are not a retail store and only sell via the internet. All fish are shipped via UPS for Next Day Delivery.

Payment: We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. We do not accept American Express, PayPal, Checks or Money Orders.

Contact Info: All questions and comments should be made via e-mail using the contact page of this website. We are also often available via Live Chat for real time conversation. We are an internet company and all communications are made via the internet. We do not offer telephone Customer Service.

Address Correction and Re Shipping: If we receive an address that is not deliverable by UPS, such as an incorrect ZIP Code or Street Address, UPS will delay the delivery of the order until they can obtain a valid address. This will sometimes end up delaying the delivery of the package for a day or two. UPS Charges between 16.00 and 20.00 to correct addresses in mid delivery. The exact amount UPS charges us for the address correction will charged to the credit card used by the customer to place the order. We do not ship to a P.O. Box and if you have a P.O. Box, please supply your physical address as UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box. In the event that we receive a bad address, and we are able to determine that before shipping the order, we will be required to un-pack the shipment, re-acclimate the fish and discard un-reusable items such as bags and heat packs. Once we receive a valid address, we will then re-bag the fish, re supply the heat packs and re pack the order. To cover the cost of the unpacking and repacking of the order, the customer will be charged a 15.00 repacking charge. This charge will be in addition to all other charges. Any additional charges added by UPS due to an incorrect address provided by a customer will be billed to the customer after we receive the final bill from UPS.

Puerto Rico and Alaska: We do ship to Puerto Rico and Alaska.

Hawaii: Due to permitting requirements for shipping fish to Hawaii, we no longer ship fish to Hawaii.

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