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GloFish - * Tetra - Assorted - 1-2 inch - Quantity of 6 - Special Order
GloFish - * Tetra - Assorted - 1-2 inch - Quantity of 6 - Special Order.

The price shown is for six GloTetras. Assorted GloTetras are picked randomly from all of the strains shown on the website. They are all high quality and extremely colorful! They will glow if put under a black light. You cannot make any requests as to color, in general or specific, when ordering Assorted GloTetras.

Please do not e-mail us with any requests as to what you would get for Assorted GloTetras. We will not reply to any such request.


These are Special Order Fish. Most ship within days, but it can take up to two weeks in some rare instances.




These are extremely Flourescent fish that are much brighter than most other fish. Other than being brighter than other fish, their care is identical to other fish from the same species.


Daytime Viewing - A traditional white aquarium light (such as a fluorescent or halogen light) will work great for daytime use. Another excellent option is an actinic (blue wavelength) light, which will give the fish an exciting and uniquely fluorescent look, particularly in low lighting environments. Whichever light is used, please remember that GloFish® fluorescent fish absorb light and then re-emit it, so they will appear brighter and more vibrant as the amount of light is increased.


Nighttime Viewing - In cases where the room is completely dark, a black light will create the appearance that the fish are glowing in the dark. This is a truly stunning and beautiful way to display your ornamental fish at night! But please remember that the black light will only be helpful in a completely dark room. Using a black light during the daytime will not result in the fish demonstrating their true magnificence. An actinic (blue wavelength) light in a completely dark room will also look great.


GloFish - * Tetra - Assorted - 1-2 inch - Quantity of 6 - Special Order

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