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Breeding Angelfish Part 12 –Growing out the Fry

This will conclude our series on breeding Angelfish.

Angelfish will eat baby Brine shrimp immediately upon becoming free swimming.

Things you should remember. First, these babies will be very small and weak, so you will need to turn off all filtration, except for a sponge filter.  The biggest mistake that you can make is to do a water change in this aquarium with water that is not EXACTLY the same temperature.  Angelfish fry are extremely sensitive to temperature shock and will die if you do a water change with water that is more than a few degrees different in temperature.  With that said, Angelfish fry are also very sensitive to ammonia burn, so you will need to do daily partial water changes.  We like to keep our grow out Angelfish tanks, until they reach about 1 inches, at a temperature of 82 degrees, as the high temperature increases their metabolism and speeds up growth.

Start adding a small amount of live baby brine shrimp to the tank within 24 hours of the fry becoming free swimming. For the first week, just feed them twice a day.  To much food will quickly cloud the tank at this stage and that is one of the biggest worries.  By the end of one month, they will be about 1/3 inch and will be eating baby brine shrimp four times a day  At this point they are much more hardy and you are pretty much out of the woods.  Your Angelfish fry should reach 1 inch in approximately 3-4 weeks.  At about 1/2 inches, you can start adding in a crumbled flake food.   We recommend adding Flake Beef Heart to their food and slowly convert them over to a diet of primarily flake food.  This is good for them health wise and will save you a lot of money in the long run.  It is also much more convenient.

Angelfish are very sensitive to overcrowding, so putting them into larger tanks as they grow is essential. If they are overcrowded, they will stop growing.  Once they are not overcrowded, they will start growing again.