Brilliant Blue Diamond Discus Fish - 2.5 Inch

$49.95 $28.95

by Jennifer Byrd
Date Added: Monday 26 August, 2019
Very happy with my 10 pack 2.5-3 in assorted discus. None of them were 2.5 inches, they were 3 - 3.5 inches. Maybe even larger! They are happy, playing and fighting. One is a mystery discus to me. I thought it was just stressed and its color would return. It is the same color. Kind of white body but a pale blue running thru the top fins and bottom. Hold that, I just looked at this baby again, kind of a pale goldish yellow with light blue all over. I do not believe it is a Panda. I really love this fish. Very different to me, but gorgeous.
I am so curious to know what it is. Being a baby, not sure, but time will tell. They all eat well. My clown loaches are happy and run up and down the glass together. They eat a lot too, and they will get bigger, much bigger I know. You cannot go wrong ordering from SomethingsPhishy. I didnt! I love this place! Ill be back for some Cory Cats next.

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