Brilliant Blue Diamond Discus Fish - 2.5 Inch

$49.95 $28.95

by Jennifer Byrd
Date Added: Sunday 02 December, 2018
I ordered the assorted 10 pack of discus and 2 panda discus. I ordered the next day air saver ( a few dollars cheaper) Keith assured me they would be ok as I was very worried about them. He emailed me after hours too. He is so sweet. My fish came and all were alive and the colors are great. They were off color at first, but now they are beautiful. 1 or 2 have not shown the full color yet, but they all eat like pigs and play a lot and push each other around. I will order more soon. BTW, if you don\'t want to stress yourself out like I did, do not do Next Day Air Saver. I am just a worry wart, next time, I will not put myself through that, being the cheaper price. It is better to pay the few extra dollars, it is only a few, but worth it. My babies are fine and very happy and so hungry. I love them and SomethingsPhishy too!! I will be back to buy more. All were packed well and the heater was still warm too. I am VERY PLEASED!!!

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