Brilliant Blue Diamond Discus Fish 2.25-3 Inch

$44.95 $18.95

by Carl Cloer
Date Added: Saturday 01 April, 2017
I ordered a pair as part of a 10 discus order. Both arrived healthy, and had fins erect and looking for food within a couple of hours of acclimating to their new tank. After 24 hours they are both eating like little pigs. Their sizes were correct, both in the 2.0-2.5 inch range. As an interesting aside though, these two fish were twice as expensive as the other eight and the smallest of the lot. As juveniles, they are still an almost florescent ice blue, and even though the smallest two fish in the tank, the lager of the two "picks on" the larger fish, who turn around an chase the smaller in retribution. Both are showing a bit of a feisty personality already! Can't wait to get them to full size!

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