Fire Dragon Discus Fish - 2.5 inch

$54.95 $29.95

by Martha McWilliams
Date Added: Saturday 13 October, 2018
I bought this fish and three others and had them shipped second day air and they arrived in perfect condition and that was about 9/14/20. I was very pleased with the fish I received. This was my first time to order fish on line and first time to order discus. Mine have grown since I got them and they eat well, and they are in a community tank with other fish and all of them get along well. There are angels, rams, plecos, rummy nose tetras, and a Congo tetra, all doing great. It\'s a 55 gallon tank. One day I wish to get a 125 gallon just to put discus in. That would mean I\'d have to come back to SomethingsPhishy for more discus!

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