Angelfish - Pinoy Green - Medium


by Dalcio Dacol
Date Added: Friday 24 May, 2019
I ordered 5 Pinoy Green Angelfish-medium size. Following the shipping schedule posted in the Somethingphishy web site I ordered them on a Friday with the expectation of receiving them next Tuesday (t/21/19) and that was when they arrived safe and healthy around 10 am. The fish came on overnight air and their bag was secured inside a sealed styrofoam box which I thought was a perfect packaging for them. The body sizes of the fish varied between a quarter and a dollar coin size. As I don't have space for a quarantine tank, after a short acclimatization in the bag, I transferred them to my only tank which is a 125 gl planted aquarium where i hope they will live long lives. After a couple of hours with lights off in the tank the 5 angelfish were exploring their surroundings and foraging for whatever they could find to eat! Since by then it was around 12:30 pm I fed them and the other inhabitants (tetras and corys). The new tenants eagerly came to the feeding area and started to gobble up the flakes. They are quite curious about people approaching the tank and they congregate close to one's face, perhaps associating people's presence and food. I am very happy with this purchase!

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