Angelfish - Platinum - Small

$9.95 $4.95

by Kelly Ryan
Date Added: Wednesday 26 September, 2018
I have been wanting a platinum angel for many years now. None of my local fish stores have ever had them in stock. So I finally decided to buy online. Iíve always been worried about having fish shipped but Husband just bought me my 180 gallon tank and I wanted my platinum! I placed my order for one small platinum on Monday. I asked to have them delivered on either a Mon, Wed or Fri. They kindly shipped the fish so they would arrive on a Wed. That was awesome! I was expecting the platinum to be able the size of a dime but was very surprised to find that he was much bigger.... and soooo beautiful! He arrived a little stressed but I believe that is to be expected when shipping an kind of live animal. He is now made friends with my other angels and is eating well. I would purchase more fish from this site.

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