Fr. Carmen Scuderi OFM
Monday 09 February, 2015

Ram - German Blue - Quantity of 5

Beautiful is an understatement. The Rams arrived and took no time to acclimate to the tanks within a day they all went into breeding condition and now I have over 75 babies hovering around mom and dad! the colors are dazzling the best of health and a wonderful addition to the tank. and excellent job in raising top quality the full review

Wednesday 04 February, 2015

Ram - Electric Blue - Quantity of 5

Fish arrived very healthy. Followed acclimation and let them go. They are all swimming. Very good looking fish...Very!! Thanks a bunch, Ron

Heilig John
Monday 02 February, 2015

Angelfish - Fire Koi - Small

I have been buying fish from this site. In fact I have filled tanks with a total of 300 gallons. All dealings have been pleasant and when needed special personal contact. An informative reply has always been forthcoming. All fish have arrived promptly and adapted well. I recommend this site as a positive experience for the the full review

garry carr
Wednesday 17 December, 2014

L052 - Butterfly Pleco - 4-5nch

I ordered Friday afternoon and shipped Monday. I received the fish in excellent condition. Packaging was great and shipping charges were reasonable. Pricing was excellent and found all the fish I ordered that day to be in stock as stated on website. Communication was great and response time was very good. I would buy from the full review

brian curtin
Tuesday 19 August, 2014

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Received my shipment of 5 discus last week. All were in excellent condition. The Albino Blood Red and the Golden Sunrise were absolutely beautiful. I will certainly be ordering more fish very soon. Keep up the good work and great prices on your the full review

Edward Licence
Monday 16 June, 2014

Crypt - Cryptocorne Assorted - Medium - Bunch of 12

My order of plants arrived in great shape. Look real good in my 40 gallon tank! Will definitely order more plants in the future.

Friday 09 May, 2014

*Assorted Angelfish - Medium

Hello: Thank you, thank you very much for the new shipment. I received successfully and without delay. I am very happy to be selected your company to purchase my fish. This is my second purchase with you and that you are truly five star professional. Thanks again for your services and reasonable prices. Juan the full review

Tuesday 29 April, 2014

Angelfish - Fire Koi - Medium

Hi, I ordered 15 large angelfish a few weeks ago and was very happy with the health and vitality of the fish. All of them arrived healthy and happy and they still are healthy and continuing to thrive. I will never buy fish anywhere else. This experience made me determined never to order from anyone else. I'll be back as the full review

Timothy Rogers
Thursday 17 April, 2014

*Assorted Angelfish - Medium

One dozen Angels arrived from Florida to Tucson overnight. Great packaging. Great variety of mix angels. All seem to be very healthy and active. So happy to have these new friends.

raynaldo oliveras
Wednesday 02 April, 2014

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Received my discus in 24 hrs ,and very excited well definitely order again, thanks a lot, great communication and fast delivery.

Daniel Zellers
Saturday 29 March, 2014

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Delivery was quick , order was correct, all was live and perfect this is one month later fish are still fine Thank You

Charles McCain
Wednesday 26 February, 2014

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Received my 2 Siam Red Master discus and 3 other discus very pleased with size and color. Thank You

Gail Tomayko
Friday 10 January, 2014

Ram - German Gold

received my two discus (semi yellow & blue diamond) 3 days ago. doing great. very happy w shipping & quality of service from SomethingsPhishy. thank you.

Laurel Lisinski
Wednesday 02 October, 2013

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Hi Keith, I rcv\'d my 5 young discus right on time, (2 Siam Red Master\'s, 2 yellow Siams and 1 Red Marlboro. All are doing wonderful. One Red Siam\'s frisky and brave. Standing up to a couple 5\" discus. Can\'t wait to watch them mature and color-up. There are many more I\'d like to purchase, but I now have 14 beauties in the full review

Janet Boey
Thursday 12 September, 2013

Flake Fish Food with Triple Antibiotics - 16 fl. oz jar

I had my doubt about shipping discus. I cannot find any good discus in any aquarium. After reading all the reviews, I decided to give it a try. All the discus are healthy and brilliant in color. The assorted fish are beautiful. The discus had no problem with their new enviorment from day one. Thank you! the full review

Rick Teske
Saturday 24 August, 2013

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

My Discus arrived in very good shape as always. They always look healthy and I have never had any problems with the shipping. Thank you for all your support with my questions and I hope to be ordering from you again soon. Rick Teske

Darren Bonner
Thursday 08 August, 2013

*Assorted Angelfish - Medium

My order arrived in perfect order all fish vary healthy. Great size for medium and wonderful coloration.These little beauties were searching for food within hours. Superior quality and a better price than what is offered locally. Thank you,Darren

Evaristo Saldivar
Sunday 02 June, 2013

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

I have ordered twice and set up two amazing tanks at the middle school that I teach at. People are amazed at the beautiful colors. My local pet store still does not believe what a paid for my discus. The fish in their store are dull, colorless and tiny. They are trying to sell 2 inch sad looking fish for 79.99!!! Cant the full review

Reynard Bockart
Tuesday 21 May, 2013

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

My 2nd order included two of these guys and they are my favorite so far. Excellent quality, pricing and service. Thanks again, you\'re my one stop discus shop and the only supplier I\'ll need!

Andy Haugdahl
Saturday 18 May, 2013

**Beef Heart Flake Fish Food - 16 fl. oz. jar

All my fish love this food. I\'ve never seen them eat so aggressively day after day.

Marcie Donnelly
Wednesday 27 March, 2013

L052 - Butterfly Pleco - 4-5nch

Fish looks great!! Fish arrived less then 24 hours from when I ordered!! Looked great, arrived alive in great shape!!

Christina Voss
Wednesday 20 March, 2013

Angelfish - Fire Koi - Small

My small Fire Koi Veil angel fish arrived today and looks amazing. In the beginning, it was very timid and hid in the Texas holey rock, but by now it\'s out and even tolerated a photo session. Very beautiful animal! I\'ve had those for years, and the koi angels are my favorite of all the angels. You can\'t find them in the the full review

Anthony J Liucci
Sunday 06 January, 2013

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

On Wednesday December 12 th I placed my 1st order for Discus with Keith at Somethings Phishy.. Couldn\'t beleave I got my order on Friday December 15th.. Fish came pack in a small styrofoam box with 2 heating pads.. All fish in seperate bags, and were doing great.. I acclimated fish correctly but they went straight to a the full review

Glenn Jackson
Friday 28 December, 2012

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

I bought seven of the assorted 2 inch discus fish. The fish were well packed in a single box using dual heating pads. The box was well insulated and the fish were extremely lively upon arrival. They have acclimated very well and i am very pleased with the variety and colors of the fish though some did have a couple of the full review

Sharon Dickson
Friday 14 December, 2012

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

We are a first time buyer and are very please with the fish and plants we received. I am sure we will purchase again in the spring. Don\'t buy plants from anyone else you will be very please with what you get, which also works great for your fish. We ordered 4 black veil angels and two green angels and they were in their the full review

Charles McCain
Wednesday 12 December, 2012

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

This is fourth time buying discus here. Always quality livestock. I am well pleased. Thank You

Paul W Hoversen
Thursday 06 December, 2012

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Just started a new aquarium after 20 years of being away from the hobby. Would have NEVER mail ordered fish before but today the stores have nothing!! I ordered 3 of these (6 all together) Nice \"Discus\", Healthy, look Strong & after acclamation seem happy with no signs of major stress!! It has been over a week now and the full review

tim barclay
Friday 23 November, 2012

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

We ordered 6 discus and they are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! This is our 3rd time purchashing from SomethingPhishy and we will never purchase anywhere else, thank you!!!!

donna taylor
Sunday 23 September, 2012

Sword - Amazon - Large - Bunch of 6

love these plants wonderful in the tank with our discus fish can't believe how big they have grown love them.

Toni-Marie Astin
Wednesday 30 May, 2012

Ram - Bonsai Long Finned Blue

I got my Long fin balloon rams in today safe and healthy...All all are great!. People these are for those people that love angelfish and love rams also. They look like a cross between the two....Do\'nt let the replacement/DOA thing scare you it\'s to keep us all getting good fish. There are so many people that lie and say the full review

Gary Milzer, M.D.
Friday 11 May, 2012

L128 Blue Phantom Pleco 5 inch

Hey Guys Just got my Blue Phantom Pleco. He is happy and floating in my 55 gallon tank. I am a satisfied customer and love ordering stuff you. Gary Milzer, M.D.

casey moore
Saturday 21 April, 2012

Redtail Catfish - 3 inch

well worth the wait can\'t say enough about the leapord cat and the help i recieved

Stella Cordero
Saturday 07 April, 2012

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

All fish arrived alive and with nice coloration. Recommend and will buy again!

judith f. kloss
Monday 02 April, 2012

GloFish - * Tetra - Electric Green - 1-2 inch - Quantity of 6

My electric greens arrived vibrant and vigorous. They really brighten up the tank! I saw them here for the first time and I thank you for offering them. I plan to get six more in a few weeks. Neat newbies!

Don Nguyen
Wednesday 22 February, 2012

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

This was my first order with SomethingsPhisy. I have ordered 6 Discus and all arrived within 24hrs and all are healthy. I have extremely satisfied.

Javier Perez
Wednesday 22 February, 2012

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Beatiful fish, I order six different, this one is the one showing less stress and enjoing the tank like his previous house. Shipping and packing are impressive, good job.

Christmas Cox
Tuesday 21 February, 2012

Shrimp - Bamboo

I have one they are great to have in your tank and yes they do grow their parts back...

Jeffrey Strough
Wednesday 08 February, 2012

Complete Nutrition Variety Flake Fish Food - 16 fl. oz.

the discus love these flakes - jar is packed with nice quanity of great quality fish food - highly recomended!

Jeffrey Strough
Wednesday 08 February, 2012

**Beef Heart Flake Fish Food - 16 fl. oz. jar

the discus love these flakes - jar is packed with nice quanity of great quality fish food - highly recomended!

Waldimiro Soler
Wednesday 25 January, 2012

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

fish arrived in top condition as always,thanks Keith.

Lynne Sanders
Monday 02 January, 2012

Chocolate Discus - 2 inch

I ordered 3 discus,they came with in two days and I was not expecting them that quick.I was at work when they tried to deliver them and post office was closed when I got home and I worried all nite but first thing the next morning I was at the post office to pick them up and to my surprise they were a little distressed but the full review

Richard Partelo
Friday 04 November, 2011

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Hi Keith, I am writing this review under this discus because I think it will be my next purchase and you are sold out of the ones I bought. My 2 golden sunrise discus arrived yesterday and not only were they alive and well, they were in a real hurry to get out of their bag and into my aquarium. They were kind of shy at the full review

Tuesday 26 July, 2011

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

I ordered 4 discus, all arrived perfectly healthy and active and on time. The pictures of them are great on your site~ however in person they even look better. I'm thrilled and plan to order more in the future.

robert j hopkins
Thursday 07 July, 2011

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

hi Keith,you have done it two new discus are here.they look great,alive and well.i don,t know how you do it,but my fish get here in great condition every time.i would like everyone that is thinking about whether or not to purchase fish from ,you could not find a better choice than my friend the full review

martin mix
Friday 01 July, 2011

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

keith i ordered four siams from you they are beautiful and growing fast thanks for great service i will be ordering again

Wednesday 27 April, 2011

L007 Vampire Pleco - 3 inch

just recieved a VAMPIRE PLECO today ,looks very healthy and is active ,looks very cool in my tank with my ELECTRIC BLUE JACK DEMSEY that i bought from SOMETHINGSFPHISHY in 2009! thanks

Matthew Cornelia
Tuesday 29 March, 2011

Hornwart - Bunch of 12

So this is my first order from SomethingsPhishy and Holly Crap!!! I did not realize that i would be getting as much as i did! to be completely honest this was kind of my "test" purchase because i don't trust ordering over the internet, BUT WOW!!! if i were to have gone to Pet Smart i would have had to spend over $75 for the full review

Tammy Barcsa
Friday 04 March, 2011

Crayfish - Electric Blue

This crayfish looks fantastic at the bottom of my aquarium!!!!!!!! Beautiful color... Great size.

Dave Arnold
Thursday 24 February, 2011

Angelfish - Fire Koi - Small

This is my third order from SomethingPhisy and as with the last orders the fish are really nice. The 2 Platinum Veil Lace angels are really beautiful. All of my Discus fish from all my orders are the best I have seen anywhere and are growing very well. Thanks for great communication and fast shipping. I will order more in the full review

Frank Sciarappa
Tuesday 08 February, 2011

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Thank You, very much for the beautiful fish. Siam Red, Diamond Blue, Golden Dragon, there settling just fine. Thank You Keith, your very informitive.

Timothy Moore
Friday 21 January, 2011

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

This fish was part of my second order with Somethings Phishy. All the fish arrived in excellent shape. The Golden Sunrise is beautiful and healthy. I will only order my discus from Somethings Phishy and will probably place another order soon.

james moccia
Thursday 20 January, 2011


Just got a dozen of these beauties today. I'm astonished at how healthy they are upon arrival. They started to school imediatley after I poured them into isolation and will now take the bi week into clarity. I'm so pleased... thank you

Cristina saralegui
Monday 10 January, 2011


Bright colors haven't come out yet... very plain baige with a dot on the side

jinqui zhang
Friday 07 January, 2011

Corydoras - Julli - Medium

actual fish looks even better than the picture second time buying from somethingsfishy everything was just great thx keith n all the staff

Dennis Rotunno
Friday 10 December, 2010

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

This was my first order with somthingphisy. my (2) yellow disc arrived in 24 hours and they are healthy and good quality. After going to various high end troppical fish stores, none had any good disc and none had this color selection. Glad I found this site. Dennis Trumbull, the full review

Jeff Mack
Wednesday 08 December, 2010

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

I just received another shipment of premium quality discus fish from SomethingsPhishy today. As I expected, the fish were in excellent condition, and the delivery arrived on schedule. My aquarium is stocked with an array of \"eye-catching\" discus fish, which have all been purchased solely from Keith. I highly recommend the full review

Emma Knox
Sunday 24 October, 2010

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Thank You! My Fish Arrived On Time And Alive. I Tell You Order Fish From!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And The Fish Are Beautiful.

TeLena Cobbe
Thursday 07 October, 2010

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

oh yes! this was our first order and for the quantity (12) we were very pleased with the order and knowing they were cared for properly during shipping made the postage much more palatable. we will be ordering again soon! Thank you, TeLena K. Cobb

TeLena Cobbe
Thursday 07 October, 2010

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

We received our 8 assorted w/ 4 red mosaic discus in relatively calm condition especially for such a journey! we are anxious to see what they grow into. one of the largest red mosaic\'s pattern is looking as if he were wearing a red mosaic waistcoat. We also recieved one small fish who has a green coloration as if he were the full review

Teresa Carlson
Tuesday 28 September, 2010

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Keith, thank you for the Discus. I have received my second order today and the discus are doing wonderfully. I follow your instructions to the letter. You have Class A Discus. Thank you, I will be back again Teresa

hung pham
Wednesday 22 September, 2010

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

I really thanks for your fish . Thanks for your nice lady (saelly B ) call me back. because I love to do bussiness with the hornest people. I really happy with your bussiness MR Keith.You are the good boss I never seen before. thanks a lot for your help sir.All my fish is good now.In the future I will oder some the full review

Shane Lucky
Wednesday 14 July, 2010

**Beef Heart Flake Fish Food - 16 fl. oz. jar

Got my baby blue pandas today, so glad they got here on time. This is my second purchase on this site & I love it.

louis bass
Thursday 27 May, 2010

Chocolate Discus - 2 inch

I just received my 5 inch electric blue jack dempsey very beautiful fish very nice color,hes loving his new home great fast service thanks alot

James R. Crede
Friday 21 May, 2010

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

This was our first order from Keith. We purchased 4 absolutely beautiful Discus fish. The service was outstanding. Very pleased with how our order was handled. Fish arrived timely and in excellent condition. Looking forward to our next order. Jim & the full review

David Ruble
Wednesday 19 May, 2010

Chocolate Discus - 2 inch

I received 5 Discus and 4 electric blue Jack Dempsey, all alive and very much alert. The selection of assorted Discus and the chocolate sent were all bigger then the 2\" stated. I asked for reds and blues and that was what I got, except one, and am I glad. I\'m not sure what kind,maybe a panda but it is beautiful. I looked the full review

Ralph Wooldridge
Thursday 13 May, 2010

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Again I have ordered a group of Discus, & again I have extremely satisfied. I have begun to buy the more expensive types of Discus after ordering some of the 2" & 3" groups & getting to know the breeders somewhat, but more importantly, getting to know the condition of the fish I have ordered. As an ameteur collector & the full review

c. james Mccullers
Wednesday 12 May, 2010

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

I ordered 8 beatiful discus from Keith and they are doing great. The fish are of excellent quality,very pleased. One thing I will say is to always call your local post office and let them know you are expecting fish, I did not and the fish arrived after the trucks had already gone for the day. The fish would have sat there the full review

Jeff Argo
Tuesday 11 May, 2010

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Very colorful fish can't wait till they get used to their area in a few months and show their deep yellow and orange color. They are very alert and healthy. Thanks

candy key
Sunday 02 May, 2010

Angelfish - Fire Koi - Small

This my 2nd order from Keith, all my Angelfish and Discus arrived in great shape, all are doing good. If and when I want more fish, I would order from Somethings Phishy!

cale hulse
Friday 23 April, 2010

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

ordered 2 discus, fish were shipped fast and showed up in great packaging + condition. somethings phishy was very easy to order from, inexpensive and ship beautiful fish! will definatley order from them again in the near future!!!!

Susan Berna
Saturday 20 March, 2010

**Beef Heart Flake Fish Food - 16 fl. oz. jar

For the last nine months I've been feeding my Discus only food ordered from this site and they're doing great with wonderful color! I purchase the beef heart, earthworm, and egg yolk flakes, put them in one large container together to feed my Discus. Also the Electric Blue Jack Dempseys love this. The flakes last a very the full review

Julie Kempf
Wednesday 10 March, 2010

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Reiceved my 2nd order everything was great !!! I'm really impressed with the quality, the health and the packaging of the fish.

Khoa Nguyen
Sunday 07 March, 2010

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Excellent shipping process. I ordered the 2" Siam Red along with 4 other discus on this site, very healthy when it arrived. This little fellow is beautiful even when it does not show its full yellow colors yet until it gets bigger. My first time ordering fishes online and I am very satisfied with my order and will order the full review

Christopher Czachor
Thursday 04 March, 2010

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

This is my 3rd order from Somethings Phishy and I have nothing but good things to say about them. Hands down the best place to by your discus.

Cathy Lee
Wednesday 13 January, 2010

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

This was my 2nd order from this site. Both times I received beautiful, healthy fish! After I upgraded my tank from 75 gal to 200 gal, you can guess where I went to order more fish! I can\'t wait for my 3rd set to get here! The communication is also A+. This is my 1st time caring for discus fish, & they have helped me with the full review

Joe Keck
Tuesday 29 December, 2009

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Keith, Received my Siam Red and yellow today, very healthy as always. Hoping for alittle more color than showing but i know they are small and the color will come as they get older. This is my third order from you and im still pleased with the quality. Thank You once again, Joe the full review

kari bundy
Friday 04 December, 2009

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

fantastic coloring!!! very pleased with my entire order. thanks

Karl Wiley
Wednesday 23 September, 2009

Golden Sunrise Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Fish arrived within 24 hours of ordering...perfect were strong and healthy upon arrival!! Beautiful color!! Will definitely order again!!

Friday 17 July, 2009

Red Snakeskin Discus Fish 2 inch

My 4 Red snakeskins arrived safe and are doing great! This is the second time I ordered from Keith. Will look to do business again soon!

Joseph Buckmaster
Monday 06 July, 2009

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

I received my first order from Keith , a Yellow Siam Master, and am very pleased. The Yellow Siam is swimming around after only a couple of days and has already made friends my full grown Discus. Even though the Yellow Siam is still young (only 2") the yellow coloration is vivid. I can only imagine how much more the the full review

Bradley Bill
Sunday 14 June, 2009

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Recently received my discus (2-inch Baby Blue Panda, 2-inch Blue Diamond, 2-inch Siam Red Master & 2-inch Siam Yellow Master) on 06/09/09. All arrived unharmed, quite alive and barely stressed. Each returned to color within a matter of hours. Best online live fish ordering experience ever. The quality--much more than the full review

hope Greenjack
Thursday 23 April, 2009

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

This is my 3rd order from this site and i have complete confidence that the fish will arrive healthy and well. This is one web site that you don\'t have to worry about. Tom

Scott Gaffke
Tuesday 21 April, 2009

Beef Heart Flake Fish Food - 16 fl. oz. jar

I have to say, my discus love this stuff. They just about take it out of my hand when I open the tank lid. Even the other inhabitants seem to enjoy it. My clown loaches and the cardinals swarm just under the discus waiting for pieces to fall. I just ordered 5 more jars. As long as I have discus, I'll keep a jar of this the full review

larry gartman
Monday 02 February, 2009

Redtail Catfish - 3 inch

on jan.26 i ordered 8 discus on jan.29 they arrived it was only 10 degrees i concerned but all fish were alive and winthin an hour swimming around now four days later eating fine and getting better adjusted good job keith LARRY GARTMAN

Andrew Meshkov
Tuesday 27 January, 2009

Chocolate Discus - 2 inch

Got the fish next day in a great shape and very well packaged (during the winter time good packaging is very important!). Fish looks great and healthy. Thank you Keith!

david penn
Monday 26 January, 2009

Chocolate Discus - 2 inch

simple, no nonsense, very professional. i have ordered twice now and will do so again in the future. david

russell fritz
Friday 23 January, 2009

L075 Para Pleco - 2-3 Inch

Hi Keith, Just wanted to let you know that I received my fish today and they are perfect and doing fantastic! You have top notch fish and your service is beyond any other company out there that I have ever dealt with. I\'m very, very impressed and will spread the word to all my fish hobbyist out there. Thank you Russell the full review

John Poland
Tuesday 20 January, 2009

Chocolate Discus - 2 inch

Having recieved my second order from Keith, I am again very pleased with the discus I recieved. The fish settled in very quickly and are doing great. Thanks Keith I\'ll be back . John

Lisa Urbanski
Tuesday 13 January, 2009

Chocolate Discus - 2 inch

It is true. The chocolate has a perfect round shape and no imperfections. I received my six discus in September and they are doing great. The chocolate discus is my favorite. He or she has the cutest face and is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renard Lee
Sunday 11 January, 2009

Redtail Catfish - 3 inch

It is incredibily amazing how fast these fish grow. I bought my Redtail at 3in 7 months ago and he is already pushingclose to a foot long. It's appetite is quite astounding!!!!

William Munday
Thursday 04 December, 2008


very pleased,nice looking and healthy fish. will buy from again

blake hutzell
Sunday 02 November, 2008


If your looking for a fish that has a great sense of humor then this is the fish you need to get I have one in a 250 gallon tank with a huge pleco

blake hutzell
Sunday 02 November, 2008


These are wonderfull fish I have a red albino and they all have great humor I have one in a 200 gallon tank with a pleco and a jack dempsy

Ben Ochart
Thursday 31 July, 2008

Ram - Bonsai Long Finned Blue

I received my Bonsai Long Finned Blue Rams, Aqua Green Scribble Discus, Red Turquoise Discus and Upside Down Cat...very fast delivery but most importantly all were healthy and continue to go strong after introduction into my tank. The Bonsai Long Finned Blue Rams have to be one of the most impressively colored fresh the full review

Rodney Lewis
Tuesday 22 July, 2008

Crypt - Cryptocorne Assorted - Large - Bunch of 12

My discus arrived fast and in great shape. This was a great transaction!!

LaShanda Savage
Friday 06 June, 2008

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Keith, YOU GET A THUMBS UP!!! I really appreciate your customer service. I ordered Siam Red Discus, White Diamond Discus, and Bristlenose Pleco. I originally recieved the wrong order and I was able to keep my fish I ordered and the fish that was sent in error. Your customer service is REMARKABLE! the full review

LaShanda Savage
Friday 06 June, 2008

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

Keith, Thank you so much for my order. Originally I was sent the wrong order, but I was able to keep the fish and the fish I originally ordered. I ordered Siam Red Master Discus, White Diamond Discus, and Bristlenose Pleco. My fish active and I really enjoying. I REALLy appreciate your customer service. YOU GET SA THUMBS the full review

Mabel Zamarripa
Tuesday 03 June, 2008

Siam Red Master Discus Fish 2.25-3 inch

This is one of the fish I ordered and the shipping was awesome! All three came in very active and healthy. I've never bought fish online and this website is pretty good and reliable! :) I recommend this website to anyone. Especially the Discus because it's by far the best price and best fish I've the full review

Jesika Bair
Tuesday 15 April, 2008

Ram - Bonsai Long Finned Blue

I recieved my Bonsai Ram today, and MAN is he GORGEOUS!!!!! The coloration is so bright and vivid, I am extremely happy with this fish! It is extremely active and super-fast swimming. It is obviously in GREAT health... This is the first time I\'ve ever bought a fish over the net before, and I am extremely pleased with the the full review

Larry Ashland
Thursday 13 March, 2008


Great fish great deal. Shlpped fast and safe in great health. Thanks!


Ram - Electric Blue

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