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L052 - Butterfly Pleco - 6-7 inch
L052 - Butterfly Pleco - 6-7 inch.

Maximum Size: 6 inch Country or Origin: Brazil Temperature: 25 to 28 C Ph: 5.6 - 7 Water Quality: Clear with low TDS. Water Flow: Moderate. Food: Omnivore, Primarily Algae. Temperament: Peaceful but not timid. Comments: This is one of the most chameleon like Plecos. To bring out the high contrast white/black pattern, you should put them on a white substrate as pictured. All Plecos are unique and the coloration/pattern of each can vary. The Pleco you are purchasing is a juvenile. Plecos will not show their full pattern and final coloration as in the picture until fully mature.


L052 - Butterfly Pleco - 6-7 inch

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